South Bend Lathe #6503 Lubrication Chart

Here is the PDF file of the South Bend Lathe Chart #6503: Lubrication Chart (courtesy of Jim B. at the South Bend Lathe Group on Yahoo). This will answer many questions about the lubrication point on the SBL lathe. Download all three pages with one click on the TITLE HEADER, or the picture above.

Please have a look at the and let provide your special maintenance and tool needs..

Rebuilding a Delta Bench Grinder

There was an Email on the CAMS server last week for a couple of Delta bench grinders for sale CHEAP (one 3PH, one 110V). Both had floor stands. Too good to be true, but I Emailed that I was interested, and forgot about it (too late, I thought). Well long story short; I ended up with the two grinders (less stands), after the lucky buyer took the bases out of the deal. I would have liked to have gotten the bases, but this deal was good enough to grab up, anyway. I wired the 3PH grinder up with my new test circuit, and lo and behold: it worked!
Unfortunately the 110 volt grinder seems dead, but was complete enough to be worth saving. I stuck it off to the side, planning to play with it after a while, but started to think about all the “future projects” I’ve got around here, and decided to pass some of my good luck along to the next guy. It took one Email to sell the bad grinder to another CAMS guy for 20$, and he is plenty happy to have the parts to get his grinder up and running.
Heres some pics:


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Rebuilding an Atlas Horizontal Milling Machine

I’m reaching the tail end of the rebuild on my US Machine Tool mill, and looking for the next project. I’ve got plenty of plans for different things to do, but someone spotted my old Atlas in the USMT rebuild blog, and asked about it.
I bought the Atlas about six months ago from my friend Rich. I had put out some feelers for a small horizontal mill, and Rich had this one sitting in his shop collecting dust. The machine had been rebuilt previously, and by the looks of it, been put away pretty much unused. It is in need of a good cleaning, and a tweak here and there.


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Rebuilding a United States Machine Tool Co. #1 Horizontal Milling Machine

This entry is to document the disassembly, cleaning and overhaul of a Burke No. 1 Horizontal Mill purchased on 9/24/2011, its bound to be a lengthy process, bear with me.
The story starts with a friend (we’ll call him “Steve”), sending an Email to the CAMS group with a list of the goodies he’ll have for sale at the 2011 CAMS Yard Sale. One item that interested me was a Van Norman 1R mill, and I inquired about it. It turned out to be more mill than I needed, and I told him I was really looking for a dedicated horizontal mill, without all the bells and whistles; a “crab”. At this point he mentions the old Burke might be what I’m looking for. Fully operational, ugly, and cheap, I’m hooked. Steve is a crafty individual; He knows if its ugly and cheap, I’ll probably be interested. He asked me (after the money changed hands) “Did you feel it when I set the hook?”. Frankly, I never saw it coming. All kidding aside; Thanks for the great deal, Steve. This is the sight that greeted me when I arrived at the Stallings Institute of Industrial Antiquities:

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Can You Identify This Tapping Head?

I could use a little help, I bought this tapping head at last years CAMS Yard Sale, and have been unable to find any info on the manufacturer. I was able to get a J440 collet last week from Ebay seller C178, and a R8 adapter from JTS Machine, so I’m about ready to start tapping. I really needed to get a larger tap collet than the one I got with the head, because most of the tapping I do is 5/16 or larger. the J441 collet is for a much smaller tap. I was able to (finally) find a collet that went to 5/8 (tap capacity).

What I would like to find out is: What is the maker of this tapping head (there are no markings), and what are the service requirements? I don’t know if the head needs oil, or is it run dry? There appears to be a drain plug in the bottom, which I don’t want to remove unless I have some info first. Heres a couple of shots and the specs off the chuck.


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