“How much is a Bridgeport Mill Worth?”



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I get alot of questions about what different machines are  worth, and to be honest; unless you are standing right next to a machine, it’s tough to say. About the best I can tell most guys is the most important factors are: Location, Condition and Tooling. Thats not much help to anybody that is looking to buy a new toy. The other day I got a note from a site viewer that made me aware of just how many aspects there are to the fine art of buying a machine, and how badly I missed the mark on just ONE of the considerations when I replied to his inquiry. Heres the Email:


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Rebuilding a United States Machine Tool Co. #1 Horizontal Milling Machine

This entry is to document the disassembly, cleaning and overhaul of a Burke No. 1 Horizontal Mill purchased on 9/24/2011, its bound to be a lengthy process, bear with me.
The story starts with a friend (we’ll call him “Steve”), sending an Email to the CAMS group with a list of the goodies he’ll have for sale at the 2011 CAMS Yard Sale. One item that interested me was a Van Norman 1R mill, and I inquired about it. It turned out to be more mill than I needed, and I told him I was really looking for a dedicated horizontal mill, without all the bells and whistles; a “crab”. At this point he mentions the old Burke might be what I’m looking for. Fully operational, ugly, and cheap, I’m hooked. Steve is a crafty individual; He knows if its ugly and cheap, I’ll probably be interested. He asked me (after the money changed hands) “Did you feel it when I set the hook?”. Frankly, I never saw it coming. All kidding aside; Thanks for the great deal, Steve. This is the sight that greeted me when I arrived at the Stallings Institute of Industrial Antiquities:

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How to Disassemble a South Bend Lathe for Moving

This wonderfully written instruction manual was put together by a couple of guys over at the Yahoo South Bend Lathe user’s group, Bill Czygan and Ed Kolt and is published on that site. Bill was good enough to allow its use here. It came about when these guys got tired of hearing the old story about how somebody tipped their new lathe over while moving it to it’s new home, and decided to give guys a fighting chance of getting their new toy home in one piece. Thanks to both these guys for the service to all those home shop machinists out there.

Download it here in PDF:
How To Disassemble a South Bend Lathe for Moving

I’m sure this will save a few people from having to replace broken compound handles and broken headstock castings.

Please have a look at the and let provide your special maintenance and tool needs..

Moving a Bridgeport Milling Machine Into A Basement Shop

How do I move a Bridgeport Milling Machine? Well, this is how a bunch of old croakers do it…………..
At long last my buddy Dave Bluett pulled the trigger on buying Robert Vogel’s  Bridgeport mill.  I wasn’t present for the negotiations, but judging by the amount of time they took, it must have been excruciating.  Finally, moving day arrived, and a tow truck was hired to do the grunt work. I wasn’t present for the 1st half of the load, but was told it went very smooth.  On hand were Mr Vogel, Dave, Eric Hoffmeyer, Sharon, Kenneth (Sharon’s son), and myself (at least at the offload).
**New** added 9 pictures for “Loading” mill, Thanks to  CAMS member Mark Long, who was kind enough to allow their use here. Mark was part of the crew that loaded out at Robert Vogel’s house and provided the pics and descriptions. A story without a beginning isn’t complete, so Thank you Mark, for filling in the blanks.

1. Sitting in the basement stripped down ready for load out…


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