Junkyard Treasures.

Some of you CAMS guys have heard me gloat about my Fairfax County Landfill “treasures”, (remember the railroad rail?). Heres a couple of shots of the latest harvest; a Craftsman 10″ table saw from the 50s (bad capacitor in the motor), and a Campbell Hausfeld compressor (mice made a home in the fan shroud).
The saw is complete except for the rip fence, miter gauge, and angle wheel, but I’ve got two of the three coming from Ebay snipes this week. I plugged the thing in to test it last week, and everything works, but the motor turns slow. An electrician buddy at work tells me the capacitor is bad, haven’t gotten one yet, so we’ll see.
here’s a pic of the motor partially disassembled, loaded with sawdust. I’ll try a new cap and see what shakes. The rest of the motor looks brand new, and doesn’t smell. It has an overload protector, so maybe I get lucky.
Here’s the compressor. Somebody stored it, and the mice made a home in the fan shroud (anyone that’s owned an air-cooled VW, or scrounges cast-off compressors knows the sound). About twelve minutes work got this running like a new machine. Might just keep this for a spare, as I’ve picked up a brand new Ingersol Rand dual stage compressor head (free) for my shop compressor, and this might serve as back-up when I hang the new head. It makes good air, and quick, but I won’t be running the blast cabinet off this one!
My Ball&Chain surprised me this morning with a blank check to go get a pressure washer at Home Despair. She gave me a limit of $900.00 to spend, and I came back with a $200.00 electric deal. Fact is, I can get by with an 1800 PSI unit, and I have a reserve to use on other stuff. If only Home Despair sold Digital readouts for my Bridgeport! I took a couple of hours, and cleaned these Landfill Lovelies, and the front steps too. Gotta keep the B&C happy.

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