New Shop Truck: 1955 Chevrolet 3100 Short Bed Pick Up

55 driver side


For a while now, I’ve been thinking I need a dedicated shop truck. About four years ago I sold my 57 Chevy pick up, and regretted it almost immediately. My S-10 is not really up to the task of hauling a trailer with any weight in it, and while thats not the primary need I have, it is a consideration. I found this 1955 Chevrolet 3100 1/2 ton pick up in a “local” (10 hours away) Craigslist ad in Augusta Georgia. A few emails and phone calls later; I’m the new owner.


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Countersink Tool Made from Surplus Junk



chuck and countersink 016


I was working on a drill chuck for my mill, and I ran across a Jacobs 3/8″ keyless chuck that I pulled off a power drill that leaked it’s Magic Smoke. The chuck was the only thing salvageable from the drill, and I tossed it in the chuck drawer for a future project.


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Optimizing Shop Space (or: A Corner Shelf From Scrap)



There is a corner in my shop that is more or less dead space. For some reason its too small to fit any machines in, and all kind of Use-it-once-a-month stuff finds it’s way there. I don’t have enough room in my shop to waste any space, and this space was crying to get filled with something for quite a while. I can’t put a filing cabinet or any conventional kind of shelf in there; its just too small an area.

About a month ago, one of the contractors at work sold me a small pile of plate steel for what amounts to beer money. I have been sitting on about 600 LBS of 7/16″ fish plate in varying shapes. I had one 36″ round that looked like it would be a good candidate  for a corner shelf, if it was quartered.


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Welding Band Saw Blades

MSC blade welder 003


A week or two ago I changed the tires on my Delta 14″ band saw, and it gave me so much available horsepower that the ragged blade that I had flipped off the wheels WAY too many times just took a dump. I had a situation where the band saw was ready to run, but the tank was empty. I didn’t have any blades for the saw. Time to fix that. A year or two ago I had bought myself an MSC blade welder (circa 1984) to feed my three band saws, and a few rolls of coil stock. The welder worked initially, and then developed some problems (like most all my tools), I figured it wouldn’t be too tough to fix. I had invested a couple of hours to clean my bench off, and tonight was the night to square it away.


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New Tires For The Delta Band Saw (and Ongoing Improvements)

saw and switches 033About a year ago I bought a Delta 14″ wood and metal cutting band saw at a pretty decent price (here it is fresh off the truck). I hadn’t found any dual speed saws in my area, and had to make a three hour trip to Pennsylvania to pick it up. Thats the price for living near the nation’s Capitol; there isn’t alot of old iron around unless you rub elbows with the type of clowns I do. This saw worked pretty well, but I tend to push the limits of good judgement when it comes to my tools. I had bought this saw to “replace” my Silver 20″ saw, because I need more floor space. The Delta hasn’t learned how to earn its keep yet, and I still have the Silver. The main problem I have (had) with the Delta was that it would throw the blade when I pushed it a little. It was getting annoying, and a while back I bought a set of Urethane tires from Sulphur Grove Tools. I bought mine from their Ebay store (Ebay ID: ohioblademan). I think the set was about 25 bucks, and they carry Fenner Power-Twist segmented belts too (a real boon to anybody that messes with old machines). The tires laid around for about six months before I got tired of moving them. Tonight I decided to throw them on.


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