South Bend Lathe Army Manual

This is the United States Army Technical Manual for the South Bend 9″ (Nine Inch) Lathe, titled “Department of Army Technical Manual”. Its listed as an overall maintenance, operator and parts manual for the 9 inch lathe, but much of the info carries over to the 10 K lathe. Its a great piece of literature direct from South Bend Lathes, and licensed as a US Army training manual. The parts list shows which parts cross over from the 9 inch to the 10, which should help anyone trying to keep their old iron alive. Hope this free download helps….


Please have a look at the and let provide your special maintenance and tool needs..

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  1. Joe Larsen
    Joe Larsen says:

    I am looking for the sketch / drawing that shows the relative positions of the mounting holes for the South Bend 9″ worhshop lathe w/ horizontal drive, Model “A” supossedly in the ” Army Lathe Manual” Page 1. My Lathe was built Circa 1943

  2. admin
    admin says:


    Sure enough, there it is on page one. Just click on the ( sbarmylathe ) download link, and get the whole manual. Hope that helps.


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