Shaper Attachment for the USMT Horizontal Mill

USMT shaper 2 005



(Another Craigslist score)………..


About a year ago I got an Email from my friend Steve (the guy who sold me the United States Machine Tool Milling Machine) that a shaper head was posted on C-list that would fit the mill. I snatched it and (as usual) it sat around for a year or so, until I got around to adapting it to my mill. Its funny how nothing ever REALLY fits without some modification. Well, I finally got around to working on it a few weeks ago (got tired of tripping over it is more like it).

USMT shaper 005


The main problem was that the overarm support had a 2 1/2″ shaft, and it needed to be 2 1/4″ to fit my mill. No big deal, but I knew the tailstock on my lathe was way off and didn’t really feel like messing with it. With a cut this long if the tail stock is off; you can get a wicked taper. I took my time cutting it (adjusting the tail stock offset a little at a time), and ended up within .0005″ taper over 16″. I’m plenty happy with that.


USMT shaper 009



Heres the overarm support slid into the top hole on the mill. this is the six hole flange that the slotting head will bolt to.


USMT shaper 010



And here is the back side, with the US Tool Corporation slotting head (shaper) bolted up. The lower (drive) shaft is B&S #9 taper, that fits the spindle taper like a glove. I filled the way oilers and turned the motor on and it proceeded to move the tool holder up and down in a silent operation. There is about 2 inches of travel in the tool.


USMT shaper 2 005



The front view:  I am going to rig up some kind of jig to grab round spacers for cutting keyways, so that I can make arbor spacers for the horizontal arbors on this mill. I tried cutting some slots in spacers with my broaching set and found it to be a frustrating experience. This should be easier to do once I get a fixture built for the operation. Arbor spacers are expensive enough that it justified the minor expenditure of time and money to get this attachment adapted to my mill.  More later…………

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