Scotchbrite Wheel Adapter for my Grinder

scotchbrite wheel adapter 010


There are a number of parts that I make that just don’t get the kind of finish I’m looking for out of a belt grinder, and hand de-burring is way to time consuming for my taste. I had been looking at Scotchbrite wheels for a while, but couldn’t find any arbors that would mate the wheels to any of my grinders. My guess is that the adapters are only available from Scotchbrite, and I wasn’t going there (the wheels are pricey enough). my best alternative is to make one.



scotchbrite wheel adapter 001


Heres the problem: The wheel has a 1″ hole , and the grinder shaft is 5/8″.


scotchbrite wheel adapter 002


This is another of those 3 1/2″ drops I have a pile of. Its funny how when you have an abundance of one size stock, how useful it looks. I have tons of this stuff. The first step is to cut a washer off the end (a thick one).


scotchbrite wheel adapter 003


I first drill it to 5/8″……………………………..


scotchbrite wheel adapter 004


Then ream it for a perfect fit to the grinder shaft.


scotchbrite wheel adapter 007


The step that centers the wheel is 1″. I left quite a bit of meat on the arbor so that it had plenty of area to “crush” the wheel. the 3 1/2″ diameter will give the soft wheel more support and additional area for friction, so the wheel won’t slip.


scotchbrite wheel adapter 009


A final truing cut, just to smooth things out.


scotchbrite wheel adapter 010


And heres the finished wheel arbor mounted. I really like these Scotchbrite wheels; they take a decent amount of material off without being TOO aggressive. Just the right tool to break the edges on milled parts after you  touch them on a belt grinder. It will blend sanding marks without rounding the edges too much. So far I like this setup, and the wheel doesn’t wear as fast as I thought it would. An hours work making the arbor should save me lots of time.

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