Metal Lathe Oils

Everyone KNOWS that you DON’T use motor oil for lubricating the ways or spindle of your lathe or mill. Motor oil has emulsifiers (detergents) that keep contaminants suspended in the oil, (great for your car, bad for your lathe) . Cars have filters, lathes don’t. Motor oil is way too thick for spindle oil, anyway. This is especially bad news for your lathe that has spindles that ride directly in cast iron headstocks. Using the wrong lubricant in your spindle can be a real bad choice. Mobil Velocite #6 Spindle Oil oil is a premium product primarily designed for the lubrication of high-speed spindles in machine tools. Most machine tool manufacturers recommend this oil (or “equivalent”) for spindle lubrication. Mobil Velocite oil HAS NO EQUIVALENT. Motor oil (or even 90W) won’t stick to the ways like WAY OIL, its engineered to STICK TO the ways of your machine. Motor oil won’t do you much good if its dripping on the floor. The metal wetting and adhesive agents of Mobil Vactra Way Oil form uniform films that resist squeezing from way surfaces while the machine is not in operation. The manufacturers of your nice South Bend lathe, Bridgeport mill, or Jet surface grinders (and others) don’t recommend this as lubricant because they want their stuff to look like junk in a years time. They recommend it BECAUSE ITS THE BEST! If theres a better lube than VACTRA , I haven’t seen it.

Ask anyone that knows; this is THE ABSOLUTE BEST LUBRICANT that money can buy for your lathe, milling machine, or surface grinder. This should be enough lubricant to keep most Home Shop Machinists, Gunsmiths, or Machine Tool Junkies going for a while. If you need more just let me know.