Free downloads to help maintain your South Bend machinery compliments of our website. We have formatted .PDF copies of the original 1942  service bulletins once distributed by South Bend Lathe Works.

Come here to read them or download for offline use / printing. It is a good idea to slip printed copies into plastic page protectors, put the pages in a three ring binder, and keep these handy bulletins at hand near your machine.

We introduce the bulletins with South Bend’s own descriptions from page two, click on the title links  to load each bulletin.  (Adobe Reader plugin is required):

Bulletin H-1 – “Keep Your Lathe Clean”.
Shows how protecting the lathe from abrasive dirt will increase production, reduce scrap, and lengthen the life of the lathe.

Bulletin H-2 – “Oiling the Lathe”.
Explains the importance of adequate lubrication.

Bulletin H-3 – “The Installation and Leveling of the Lathe”.
Gives detailed information on the correct installation and leveling of the lathe for precision work.

Bulletin H-4 – “Keep Your Lathe in Trim”.
Tells how to make all necessary adjustments, check power supply, protect lathe from abuse, and keep lathe in best operating condition.