Little Things Make Me Crazy

knobs and wedges 005


I’m slightly anal about some things, while other things don’t bother me at all. I have been masquerading as normal for a long time, but sometimes the little things just get the better of me. A while back I bought a quick change quill lever for my Bridgeport mill that was obviously an offshore piece (by the price), but good enough quality for me to ignore that it was Chinee. One of the most obvious tip-offs is that it came equipt with a LOVELY  red knob. This has been making me crazy for six months or better.



knobs and wedges 003



THIS is whats been staring me in the face every time I turned on the mill. Every time I grab ahold of it, it screams Jujitsu at me. WHAT were these people think of when they made this knob?; it looks like a d@mn LOLLYPOP! I was ready to pull the trigger on an order for some Jacobs Chuck Removal Wedges to repair a drill chuck on my mill, and saw a plain black knob with a 3/8X24 thread for $2.81. I couldn’t resist.


knobs and wedges 005



This is just too easy.  Free shipping because I had ordered over $25 of other stuff that I needed, anyway, so this was just a bonus.


knobs and wedges 008


Hows about that?; a perfect match! Sometimes the little things are the easiest things to fix. For $2.81 and about 12 seconds of labor, I removed a constant annoyance from my life. All that is left is to “dispose” of the RED knob……………………………..


knobs and wedges 010



OK; not “disposed of”, but waiting for the next Bang-Pow machinery repair. I can’t bring myself to toss good parts away, and I’m sure I find some broken Chinee machine that needs a red knob sometime soon……………………

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