Jet Belt Grinder Modification

belt grinder III 006


I’m a habitual Craigslist troller, and when I found this Jet “bench grinder” for $100 I snatched it up. It was a 3450 RPM 1 HP deal, with a 4X48″ belt sander on one side, and a 8″ grinding wheel on the other. I had a 2X48″ Kalamazoo (partial) belt grinder that I wanted to adapt to the wheel side, so that I could have multiple grit capabilities on the same machine. Belt grinders are about as handy as it gets for fabrication, and this seemed to a good way to go.

Jet belt grinder 006


Heres how I got it (I got the wheel guard too), prior to tearing the wheel off. I’ve got enough grinding wheels, and didn’t need another.


Jet belt grinder 007


Heres the factory Bang Pow wheel; hardly been used, as was the rest of the grinder.


Jet belt grinder 010


This is the Kalamazoo belt grinder I got on Ebay. I was really disappointed in the overall quality of  Kalamazoo, and just tossed it off to the side. It looked like it might fit the JET pretty close and I could always improve the parts that were just junk (the belt guard and tensioner).


Jet belt grinder 008


The drive wheel and adapter for the Kala shares the same shaft diameter as the JET, so it was off to the races.


Jet belt grinder 009


After a quick test fit, it was clear I was going to have to do some trimming and fitting.


Jet belt grinder 011



This is the Kalamazoo mount. I’m going to have to adapt it to the JET.


Jet belt grinder 012



Shouldn’t be too hard, just whip up a round mount on the lathe.


jet belt grinder II 001


First thing was to trim the wheel adapter, so that the wheel spacing will be right for the belt to line up with the grinder idler wheel. I just made an arbor to trim the wheel mount.


jet belt grinder II 003


This should do it as far as alignment.


jet belt grinder II 005


Next: the grinder mount/adapter.


jet belt grinder II 008


The blank mount. Pretty good fit.


jet belt grinder II 011


I layed out the bolt circle and drilled them out on the Bridgeport. Just straight through holes (no countersink) because the holes were right on the outer edge.


jet belt grinder II 012


Just a quick test fit, before I make a few adjustments. Looks like it might work!


belt grinder III 004


Heres the finished mount. I had to trim just a hair off the bolt heads, so that it would clear the mount bore.


belt grinder III 005


The first test: I HAD to round the corners on the rest on the Kalamazoo; it had gouged my back 3 or 4 times while I was working on it. This is where belt grinders really shine, and this one is no different. The rounding process took about one minute.


belt grinder III 006


The final product: mounted to one of my patented axel shaft stands. I can see this tool will get alot of use. It has the advantage of using the same 48″ belt as my 6X48″ Wilton grinder. This should make buying belts easier. I’ll park it next to the Wilton, and be able to grind with tree different grits within a few feet of each other.


Future plans are to fabricate a better belt guard and tensioner for the Kalamazoo (the YELLOW grinder). There is ALOT of rattling going on with the Kalamazoo; getting rid of the cheap guard on it should help in that department. I’ll post any improvements to it that I get done. I’m looking forward to just using it a little. Pretty good investment for $100.

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