Free GHA Tool & Cutter Grinder for the Shop

I had a rare bit of AWESOME luck today, I got a free tool and cutter grinder. I sold my 57 Chevy truck the other day, and the guy who bought it (after agreeing to pay the asking price) threw “an old grinder” in to clinch the deal. This is what he delivered to me at work today.

I’ve gotta say, I feel like gloating a little bit. Despite its “rusty” look, its in very nice shape, and should clean up real nice. Its a GHA Tool and Cutter grinder: apparently its a copy of the Deckel grinder (high Deutchmark stuff) made by George H. Alexander. The motor is a three phase arrangement manufactured by British Thomson-Houston (440V 1/2HP). I was told the motor works, and the head is quiet, but haven’t tested it yet (I’ve had it home for about an hour).


It was stored under a tarp, while this guy finished a steel building to house his shop after a move, and he needed to thin the herd. The polished steel parts suffered from the poor storage, and I’m glad I got it when I did, I’m sure if it spent too much more time in the weather the “patina” would be rough to remove.

You can see in this pic that its been dropped on the motor mount, and that will need to be pressed straight.

It came with a few stones (and two diamond wheels), and four collets (marked: Germany).

Everything on this has precision adjustments, and I need to get some literature before tearing into cleaning it up. Rich Soby will appreciate that its already “color co-ordinated” to my shop, but will probably get a fresh paint job after I get a chance to play with the new toy he gave me. It’ll be a while before I tear into this; I need to get some info first, and I’ve already got a few projects in the hopper. If anybody has got any leads on any paperwork for this thing, I’d appreciate hearing from you. More to come (later)……….

Please have a look at the and let provide your special maintenance and tool needs..

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    George H. Alexander was the original designer / maker of these style machines, he did not “copy” it.
    Deckel bought the rights to manufacture these from George H. Alexander, you have got it the wrong way around, great little machine, I have one just like it !

  2. admin
    admin says:


    Thanks for the info. The only info I have found on this grinder came from here: , and I can’t comment on the accuracy. I suspect that after WWII, ownership of many designs came into question. The one I have is definitely of English origin, and very nicely made. I’m looking forward to tearing into it one of these days, I’ve got lots of dull end mills.


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