Dake Johnson B Model Horizontal Band Saw Factory Manual

I would like to thank Bob Incerti for furnishing us with this manual. Bob volunteers with Whirlwind Wheelchair International, both here and abroad, making mobility possible to those that wouldn’t be able to afford it without his help.  If this Manual is of any use to you, I would urge you to make an appropriate donation to his organization. He (like myself) was wanting a little more info than what was readily available, and dug up this great factory manual for all of us. It covers the BD, BW, and MB models, and has some great diagrams, schematics, and covers maintenance, troubleshooting, and adjustments (and parts). Its here for a free PDF download, so we can all have a little more info to work with.

Bob also furnished me with a hard copy of the manual, that is pristine (no notes, or dark spots), Which I hope to get on here to make for a cleaner download. By the time I get that done, I’ll have some other pics of his saw that he sent me, scanned for comparison to my Johnson B model. Thanks again to Bob, and hope the info helps.


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