Countersink Tool Made from Surplus Junk



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I was working on a drill chuck for my mill, and I ran across a Jacobs 3/8″ keyless chuck that I pulled off a power drill that leaked it’s Magic Smoke. The chuck was the only thing salvageable from the drill, and I tossed it in the chuck drawer for a future project.





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Well, heres the 2nd half of the project that I ran across in my parts washer while cleaning up the other drill chuck. I pulled three of these out of the dumpster at work, and have been wondering what I was going to use a 1/2″ spinner for. I’m always wanting a fast countersinking tool to deburr holes on different things. I’ve never seen one like this for sale, and thought maybe I’d make one.


chuck and countersink 008


First thing to do is to whip out the Milwaukee portable band saw, and shorten the spinner. this left me with a shaft that was about 1/2″, which was much larger than I needed for the 3/8″ X 24 TPI chuck I needed to mount on it. The shape of the spinner is pretty odd, so mounting it to a lathe or mill would be a headache and I just ran it across my belt grinder, and reduced the shaft enough so that I could thread it with a die by hand.


chuck and countersink 009


Pretty short threads, as the chuck doesn’t need alot. This is going to be a low speed, low torque kind of tool.


chuck and countersink 012


A little thread locker should hold it in place in just about any situation I am likely to get into with this tool.


chuck and countersink 013


And thats it. The whole procedure took about ten minutes, and cost exactly nothing. This is one of the advantages to hoarding broken parts and worn out tools. I have a short countersinking tool that will be just the thing to quickly take the edge off freshly drilled holes in any situation, and I can quickly chance CS tools without a chuck key. Good deal!

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