Cleaning Up My New “Albrecht” Yard Sale Chuck

keyless chuck 001


Yesterday at the CAMS Yard Sale, I parked my truck and made a frantic dash for the sellers tables before I unloaded all my stuff to start selling. This was one of the first items that caught my eye.  I had a decent size keyless chuck on my want list for a while, and there it was, and on an R8 arbor, to boot! I picked it up and it looked to be in good working condition, but maybe a little banged up, but it was an Albrecht! I started doing the rebuild in my mind before I even asked the price, and was shocked when Chris told me $40. Thats a hell of a deal for a 5/8 Albrecht chuck on an R8 arbor, and I didn’t think it would be wise to question the deal and happily paid him and went on taking some pictures.



keyless chuck 005


I got through with some mundane tasks here today, and decided to clean up my new chuck (one of two I bought). The arbor had some dings in the taper and flat surfaces, some hammer marks on the nose, and some nasty flats and dings on the knurling. It wasn’t too ugly, and had almost no runout, so I decided to spend a little time getting it looking decent, at least. The first step was to dig up some turned/ground/polished rod to grab on to.


keyless chuck 007


I set the tail end in a live center to keep it running true.


keyless chuck 009


First, I just lopped off the hammer marks on the nose just to smooth it out some.


keyless chuck 010


Smoothing the taper was next. I just ran a diamond stick on it with some cutting oil for a few minutes, until I couldn’t feel the dings anymore.


keyless chuck 012


This is about 5 minutes into the polishing, maybe 10 minutes into the job, total. Looking good already. Now onto the knurling.


keyless chuck 013


Once I got the knurling tool on the centerline and picked up the original grooves, I doused it with Cool Tool II, and followed the original knurling the best I could. Two or three passes was all it took before all the hammer marks and dings were pretty much gone. Not perfect, but MUCH better than before.


keyless chuck 017


Heres the finished “Albrecht” chuck, fresh off the lathe after 20 minutes work. About this point, I noticed that the name on the chuck was: LLAMBRICH, Spain, (NOT Albrecht!). There was just enough patina on the chuck to obscure the name (and add an over-zealous buyer), and the appearance and similarity got the better of me. Bear in mind: at no time did the seller try to pass it off as an Albrecht, and the whole deal took just enough time for me to get the cash out of my pocket.

I’m very happy with the chuck, and after having a good chuckle over it, I’m looking forward to using it.

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