Can You Identify This Tapping Head?

I could use a little help, I bought this tapping head at last years CAMS Yard Sale, and have been unable to find any info on the manufacturer. I was able to get a J440 collet last week from Ebay seller C178, and a R8 adapter from JTS Machine, so I’m about ready to start tapping. I really needed to get a larger tap collet than the one I got with the head, because most of the tapping I do is 5/16 or larger. the J441 collet is for a much smaller tap. I was able to (finally) find a collet that went to 5/8 (tap capacity).

What I would like to find out is: What is the maker of this tapping head (there are no markings), and what are the service requirements? I don’t know if the head needs oil, or is it run dry? There appears to be a drain plug in the bottom, which I don’t want to remove unless I have some info first. Heres a couple of shots and the specs off the chuck.


The tapping head is maybe 12″ long, with a #2 Morse Taper (I installed the R8 adapter). The only markings on it are “Property United States Navy” and the tag (four rivets) has been removed (maybe Gov’t policy). As the Jacobs chuck states; it has a tap capacity from #10 to 1/2″ . I have been able to find the J440 collet, and that along with the J441 that came with the chuck will allow me to tap up to the 1/2″ capacity of the head. If anyone out there has a J443 collet they’d like to sell (reasonably), I’d be interested, so that I can tap smaller holes. Above all, I am looking for any info on what make this tapping head is, and any manuals or operating info is available. I know how to use it, but would like some info on maintenance, so I can keep it working for a long time. Any help would be appreciated.

Please have a look at the and let provide your special maintenance and tool needs..

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    Thanks Tim, Thats the first tip I’ve had on this head. When I first looked at their website, I was a little bummed, but after looking a little harder at their drilling attachments it looks like they also made TELCO (or TELLCO) tapping heads too. These look like a REAL close match. I’m gonna have to do some research, but I think I might be able to find some info based on your tip. Thanks alot!


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