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Long Spout Oil Dispenser Bottles Back in Stock

  A while back I had some really nice long spout laboratory wash bottles in the store that made oiling machines a breeze.  As luck would have it, my supplier went belly up and took my ready supply of reasonably priced inventory with them.  I have been getting quite a few inquiries about what happened […]

Good News for International Customers on Shipping Charges

  One of the biggest bummers for International buyers is excessive shipping charges. I don’t tack on any handling charges, but the cost of getting a Medium Flat Rate box overseas can get up to 70$, and I can’t blame potential customers for opting out when it gets to checkout time. One of my customers […]

A Little Hitch in My Giddyup

  Its funny how life will throw you a curve every once in a while. Just about the time when things are starting to hit on all eight cylinders…..the bottom drops out. A couple of months back (two days before my birthday to be exact), just when I was getting the shop truck project into […]