Good News for International Customers on Shipping Charges

ABC lite 003


One of the biggest bummers for International buyers is excessive shipping charges. I don’t tack on any handling charges, but the cost of getting a Medium Flat Rate box overseas can get up to 70$, and I can’t blame potential customers for opting out when it gets to checkout time. One of my customers asked me to make up a “small kit” of 8 OZ bottles with all four of the Recommended oils, so that he could take advantage of the cheaper shipping price. The end result was a savings of 45$ on shipping! Bottom line: This is too good a deal to be a one-off deal, so its here to stay. Now there is a new product (called ABC Lite) that is the Recommended Oils in a smaller package that ships for about  a third of the regular ABC lube pack. I hope that helps some; I wish I had come up with the idea myself.

A Little Hitch in My Giddyup



Its funny how life will throw you a curve every once in a while. Just about the time when things are starting to hit on all eight cylinders…..the bottom drops out. A couple of months back (two days before my birthday to be exact), just when I was getting the shop truck project into high gear, I had the bad judgement to have a heart attack. Not bad enough to get me to room temperature, but it sure got my attention. I got my first (and hopefully my last) ambulance ride, and 45 minutes later had a real nice stainless steel stint in my heart.  Don’t want to sound like a complainer, but I can think of better ways to spend my time.





I did get a month off from work, which was a bit of a bonus, but the ball&chain wouldn’t let me down into the shop other than to fill orders, so other than the three day delay from my stay in intensive care; the store didn’t suffer any permanent damage.  My continuing schedule at the cardiac rehab gym has taken some of my free time away from the truck project, but a side benefit has been that I’ve lost 15 pounds and I feel like a new man. I’ll trade a little free time to work on the truck for feeling as good as I feel now.


I had a lot of time to think about the shop while I was at home, and realized I hadn’t followed through with some of my goals for the site. I haven’t added any new products or literature in a while. I haven’t shot any new videos for YouTube in a while, and I’ve got a load of stuff to do in the shop that warrants shooting some vids. I’m nearly done with my  cardio rehab regimen, and plan on getting some of that stuff done. New products for the store include: lab wash bottle oilers (long out of stock) from what looks to be a good source, a small lot of Bridgeport mill way oil hand oilers, and a bunch of posters I had printed a while back.

With my Son’s help, I’ve gotten most of the stores shipping glitches squared away, and added a new size package for International customers that should save them a ton of money on shipping (Domestic customers may find it appealing, too). He’s relieved me of some glaring problems with the site that leave me free to attend to fun stuff. I’m not saying that I’ve had an epiphany or anything, but I’m sure that there will be a little bit more action out of this old croaker in the coming months (at least more than in the last couple of months)……………………