2014 CAMS Yard Sale

yard sale 2014 005

Another Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society Yard Sale is in the can, we were blessed with beautiful weather, and a good time was had by all. Thanks go out to all Steve’s minions, who do the behind-the-scenes work to make it happen for the past 15 years (as of today).
I arrived about an hour late, and found some very brisk trading going on in the vendor area. A very helpful gentleman in suspenders found me a nice spot to set up my table and within ten minutes everything of real value on my table was gone, and I got an opportunity to make a quick run around and see what the other guys had brought. I shot a few pics, but seemed to only get shots of one side of the mall (I get distracted easily). I did manage to get myself some of the items on my shopping list (but not all), and a few freebies. I had also promised to deliver a few items to the Yard Sale, and had arranged to take delivery of a few pre-sale items. I suspect that my truck weighed about the same going out as it did coming in. Here are some pics, for those who could not attend.


yard sale 2014 002


yard sale 2014 004


yard sale 2014 006


yard sale 2014 007


yard sale 2014 008




yard sale 2014 009



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And here are some of the goodies I brought home. A South Bend Lathe level From Alan Weber.


yard sale 2014 020


yard sale 2014 022


Some latches and handles from Dave Bluett.



yard sale 2014 023



A couple of calipers from Mark Long, a keyless chuck from Stan Stocker, a B&S #9 arbor from Alan Weber, and some boring head “kits” from a member who’s name I didn’t get. These should be a fun project.


yard sale 2014 024



A partial Bridgeport E type shaper head from John Leatherman. I can’t really say why I bought this shaper, as I already have one for my horizontal mill, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I plan to break it down and get some shots of the innards for the blog later.



yard sale 2014 025


yard sale 2014 027


yard sale 2014 028



I got this set from Vince (for free), who explained that it needed batteries, and he needed it out of his shop. Thanks, Vince.



yard sale 2014 029


He also donated this tile saw with a frozen spindle. I snatched this for my friend John, who is starting a tile job soon. I got the spindle freed up, and I have a motor around here somewhere to power it. I think he’ll be happy to get it.


All in all; a good time was had by all, we had beautiful weather, great food and good friends. Thanks again to Steve and his band of Merry men and women who make it all happen. See you next year!………………………………………



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