Welding Band Saw Blades

MSC blade welder 003


A week or two ago I changed the tires on my Delta 14″ band saw, and it gave me so much available horsepower that the ragged blade that I had flipped off the wheels WAY too many times just took a dump. I had a situation where the band saw was ready to run, but the tank was empty. I didn’t have any blades for the saw. Time to fix that. A year or two ago I had bought myself an MSC blade welder (circa 1984) to feed my three band saws, and a few rolls of coil stock. The welder worked initially, and then developed some problems (like most all my tools), I figured it wouldn’t be too tough to fix. I had invested a couple of hours to clean my bench off, and tonight was the night to square it away.


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Cleaning Up My New “Albrecht” Yard Sale Chuck

keyless chuck 001


Yesterday at the CAMS Yard Sale, I parked my truck and made a frantic dash for the sellers tables before I unloaded all my stuff to start selling. This was one of the first items that caught my eye.  I had a decent size keyless chuck on my want list for a while, and there it was, and on an R8 arbor, to boot! I picked it up and it looked to be in good working condition, but maybe a little banged up, but it was an Albrecht! I started doing the rebuild in my mind before I even asked the price, and was shocked when Chris told me $40. Thats a hell of a deal for a 5/8 Albrecht chuck on an R8 arbor, and I didn’t think it would be wise to question the deal and happily paid him and went on taking some pictures.


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The 2013 CAMS Yard Sale

Well, the 2013 CAMS Yard Sale is in the can, and it was a resounding success, thanks to the effort of Steve Stallings and his loyal minions. The weather was perfect, and a good time was had by all. Thanks to all the “behind the scenes” guys who handled the site and food preparation, and stuff that largely goes unnoticed. Alot of people worked very hard to make the 2013 Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society Annual Yard Sale a success, and they all deserve credit for their efforts.

2013 yard sale 005

I look forward to the Yard Sale every year, to press the flesh with guys that I unfortunately don’t get to spend time with due to my unusual work schedule. I never get to go to regularly scheduled meetings, and this is one of my few chances to meet up with these guys.It also affords an opportunity to clean out the shop and sell off surplus equipment,


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