New Tires For The Delta Band Saw (and Ongoing Improvements)

saw and switches 033About a year ago I bought a Delta 14″ wood and metal cutting band saw at a pretty decent price (here it is fresh off the truck). I hadn’t found any dual speed saws in my area, and had to make a three hour trip to Pennsylvania to pick it up. Thats the price for living near the nation’s Capitol; there isn’t alot of old iron around unless you rub elbows with the type of clowns I do. This saw worked pretty well, but I tend to push the limits of good judgement when it comes to my tools. I had bought this saw to “replace” my Silver 20″ saw, because I need more floor space. The Delta hasn’t learned how to earn its keep yet, and I still have the Silver. The main problem I have (had) with the Delta was that it would throw the blade when I pushed it a little. It was getting annoying, and a while back I bought a set of Urethane tires from Sulphur Grove Tools. I bought mine from their Ebay store (Ebay ID: ohioblademan). I think the set was about 25 bucks, and they carry Fenner Power-Twist segmented belts too (a real boon to anybody that messes with old machines). The tires laid around for about six months before I got tired of moving them. Tonight I decided to throw them on.


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Chinese Lubricants; Its Just Oil, Right? (Oy Vey!)

As one might expect, I tend to get involved in alot of discussions about machine tool lubrication on different forums (against my better judgement). My views are VERY CLEAR: buy good stuff for your machine tools, and they will love you long time. PERIOD.

The other night I posted some sources for the ROY DEAN  DE112 grease for the cone pulley and back gear on the South Bend Lathes on the South Bend Lathes group on Yahoo. This is the grease that SBL recommended as the lubricant for these parts when it was determined that the oil points were not being lubricated on a daily basis.  I always wondered why some lathes were marked “OIL”, and some marked “GREASE” on the cone pulley and back gear. It is my IMPRESSION (because I have no facts to back it up) that the parts marked OIL and GREASE are identical, just the lubrication requirements are different. It was felt that in production shops that the lathes weren’t being lubed with oil every day, so SBL changed the lube to the ROY DEAN DE112 grease applied ONCE A YEAR. Their feeling was that that should provide enough protection to the cone pulley and back gear. Thanks to Jim B from the Yahoo South Bend Lathe users group for that tid bit. I have to believe that SBL spent a little time and money researching what grade and viscosity of grease or oil would work best in this application. Their word is good enough for me.


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