Rebuilding a United States Machine Tool Co. #1 Horizontal Milling Machine

This entry is to document the disassembly, cleaning and overhaul of a Burke No. 1 Horizontal Mill purchased on 9/24/2011, its bound to be a lengthy process, bear with me.
The story starts with a friend (we’ll call him “Steve”), sending an Email to the CAMS group with a list of the goodies he’ll have for sale at the 2011 CAMS Yard Sale. One item that interested me was a Van Norman 1R mill, and I inquired about it. It turned out to be more mill than I needed, and I told him I was really looking for a dedicated horizontal mill, without all the bells and whistles; a “crab”. At this point he mentions the old Burke might be what I’m looking for. Fully operational, ugly, and cheap, I’m hooked. Steve is a crafty individual; He knows if its ugly and cheap, I’ll probably be interested. He asked me (after the money changed hands) “Did you feel it when I set the hook?”. Frankly, I never saw it coming. All kidding aside; Thanks for the great deal, Steve. This is the sight that greeted me when I arrived at the Stallings Institute of Industrial Antiquities:

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