My First attempt at Casting Aluminum

I have been wanting to cast some aluminum for some time. I used to cast my own bullets a few years ago with a LEE induction furnace, and it was a very satisfying undertaking. Lead has a very low melting point, and easy to work with. Aluminum has a higher melting point, but well within the backyard casters reach. I have been stockpiling Aluminum for some time, planning on building my own furnace, when a buddy of mine mentioned he had one for a very reasonable price. I carted it home, and its been a few weeks till I was able to spend a whole day getting to know it.
My dream furnace would be waste oil fired, and this one is coal powered. I figured; I gotta walk before I can run, and this one fit the bill. Its a well engineered furnace, and the workmanship on the tools is real nice. It came furnished with three 12 pound stainless crucibles, and three smaller crucibles, and all the associated tools to handle them.

It has a new Dayton squirrel cage fan thats whisper quiet to fan the flame.

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Lubrication Cross Reference Chart

A buddy of mine had a chance to get a real good price on some spindle oil, and was looking for the equivalent viscosity for Mobil Velocity #6 (my preference). It took me a while to find this file in my archive, and thought it might be of interest to other guys, so I’m posting it here, for easier access. Hope it helps.


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