New Vertical Band Saw for the Shop from Silver Manufacturing Co. -or: How to Convert a Wood Cutting Band Saw to Metal Cutting

***NOTE:*** (This project was accomplished without permanently modifying or altering this old saw. No holes were drilled, and it can be returned to its original configuration at any time)

I have been looking for a cheap vertical bandsaw for the shop to replace the 4X6 vertical/horizontal saw I sold just before I acquired the Johnson Horizontal band saw a while back. Good as that saw is, I can’t cut with it in a vertical position, and can’t cut contours. Cheap vertical saws that are capable of cutting metal are scarce as hens teeth. This is a wood saw now, but will soon (hopefully) be a metal saw.
This was my first look at the saw that was listed in a Craigslist ad as: “Old cast iron band saw, $200”. The owner stalled a few other buyers that called about the saw until we could get together. After he turned the saw on to show me the straight as an arrow tracking, he made a couple of cuts. I paid him the asking price before the price went up, then he gave me some of the history of the saw.


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