H-4 Keep Your Lathe In Trim

How to adjust headstock spindle bearings, splice a belt,  adjust tailstock set-over, adjust dovetail gibs, and more. This is a scan of the 1944 South Bend Lathe Works bulletin H-4  Keep Your Lathe In Trim. It covers most of the adjustments that will keep your lathe running for years.  I have it printed out and slipped into vinyl page protectors in a 3 ring binder by my lathe. It makes a great reference manual.

Edit-Update 10/2010: The manual originally posted here has been replaced by a better .PDF version and can now be found along with the other three South Bend bulletins.

We Posted All Four Bulletins Here!

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Bulletin H-4 – “Keep Your Lathe in Trim”.

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How To Oil Your Bridgeport Mill

Actually, this should be called: “How to make it easier to lubricate your machine tools”. In reality, this is more of a product review than an instructional aid.
I tend to be somewhat anal about lubricating my machines. I sell oil, its only natural. Any way I can make the job easier is a plus to me. One place I was having some difficulty was the front spindle head oiler on my mill. Its tucked up under the speed control, and pretty tough to get at. I started looking around for an oil dispenser with a long spout, and found out that these type bottles  seem to fall in two categories; Cheap junk, and very expensive lab quality stuff. Neither of those options worked for me. After a lengthy search, I finally found some new lab quality bottles at a very good price, and bought a case to try out.

As you can see, they’ve got a long, rigid spout that will get into the hard to reach areas on most of your equipment, and the squeeze bottles are made of a thick gauge chemical resistant LDPE. I’ve been using these for spindle oil, cutting oil, way oil, and acetone. Application is easy, with just a gentle squeeze. These bottles have become a real asset around the shop, and I don’t know how I got along without them before.

I’ll be putting these in the store in the next day or so, in both the 250ML and 500ML (8 oz and 16oz) sizes. The price will be $4.50 each for the large bottle, and $3.50 each for the small bottle, and the shipping will be $2.00 for multiple quantities shipped 1st Class Mail.. Please take advantage of the 10% discount coupon.

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