The 2013 CAMS Yard Sale

Well, the 2013 CAMS Yard Sale is in the can, and it was a resounding success, thanks to the effort of Steve Stallings and his loyal minions. The weather was perfect, and a good time was had by all. Thanks to all the “behind the scenes” guys who handled the site and food preparation, and stuff that largely goes unnoticed. Alot of people worked very hard to make the 2013 Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society Annual Yard Sale a success, and they all deserve credit for their efforts.

2013 yard sale 005

I look forward to the Yard Sale every year, to press the flesh with guys that I unfortunately don’t get to spend time with due to my unusual work schedule. I never get to go to regularly scheduled meetings, and this is one of my few chances to meet up with these guys.It also affords an opportunity to clean out the shop and sell off surplus equipment,


priceless treasures, and dispose of those widgets that I seem to collect over the year, that are too good to throw out. My wife is thrilled to see my loaded truck leave the driveway every year, thinking its going to come back empty. I am careful to return after dark, so that she doesn’t see that sometimes it comes back loaded with more stuff than I left with.


2013 yard sale 001



Heres the outgoing load this year; nothing thats going to get anyone’s blood flowing, but it freed up a few square feet of floor space in the shop. Theres a few jewels in there that sold before I could get them on my table at the sale. The usual routine is that when somebody pulls in to set up, the buyers swoop in and get the bargains. Within 10 minutes I had sold $50 worth of surplus goods, and bought $50 of “new” stuff. I parked next to Charlie Cerutti, and spied a Delta tool base in the bed of his truck, and had the bad judgement to lean over the bed side to take a closer look at what turned out to be two Delta jig saws, and ended up owning them about thirty seconds later. Those are the two saws in the 1st picture, above.  This was not the way I had planned to “make space” in the shop. Theres some perfectly good logic in this purchase (that I won’t test on my wife), but I had been pricing some wide Delta bases on Ebay, for a slip roll/shear/brake that I bought from my friend Rich a few weeks ago, and one of these bases would be perfect (I really didn’t need two). The bases go for about $100 plus considerable shipping on Ebay, and I was getting two, plus two almost complete jig saws to part out for $50! How could I go wrong, right? I bit the bullet, and my floor space took another hit.

I grabbed my camera after the 1st flurry of activity and went to get some shots of what was for sale, and say hello to a few folks.


2013 yard sale 006



Ian had some AXA and BXA tooling, a drill sharpener, and a box of indicators.


2013 yard sale 007

That blue panel flanger was of interest to me, because of a $25 price tag. I was going to get back to it after I got a few shots, but it was gone when I got back.


2013 yard sale 008


A transit and some measuring equipment.


2013 yard sale 009


A fuzzy shot of a complete J head that didn’t last long.


2013 yard sale 010


John had some nice stuff on the table, but later I found some tooling that went home with me, from under the table.


2013 yard sale 011


This seller had some very interesting stuff for sale; parts of some big machines, and a real big vise. I came back later and bought a magnetic chuck for my surface grinder, and a jig bore boring head. He was a motivated seller at that point, and had his items very attractively priced. Thank God that big vise was being loaded as I walked up for a 2nd look. It went cheap.


2013 yard sale 012


Heres some more of his stuff.


2013 yard sale 014


A couple of small lathes.


2013 yard sale 015


Some more measuring devices.


2013 yard sale 016


Rick brought some saws,


2013 yard sale 017


and a Diacro bender with some Smithing tools. Very interesting stuff.


2013 yard sale 018


Dave had four or five tables of tooling and fasteners, along with his usual supply of Aluminum stock.


2013 yard sale 020


Rich stopped by with a nice Peck & Stowe stomp shear.


2013 yard sale 021


Measuring and tooling.


2013 yard sale 022Some workholding.


2013 yard sale 023


Some more Blacksmithing stuff.


2013 yard sale 024


Some more tooling.


2013 yard sale 025


And more tooling.


2013 yard sale 026


This gent had a sandwich board with some of his equipment for sale. Most of his stuff was pretty large, and this idea sure beat carting it around with him.


2013 yard sale 027


A fuzzy shot of John’s chucks………………..


2013 yard sale 028


And steady rests.


2013 yard sale 029


Heres a shot of a few of the goodies I escaped with. I managed to keep the purchases on the small side (size-wise), with the exception of Charlie’s jig saws. I missed a few items I wanted to buy, and didn’t hook up with some sellers after we all broke up for lunch. People tend to wander off, once the food is served, and people start loading their purchases. Once I reviewed the pics here, I saw a number of items that I was actively looking for that I missed on my first trip around the area. Wish I had a 2nd chance on some of the stuff.

All in all, I am happy that some of some of my stuff found new homes, which offset the cost of getting some badly needed tooling. This year I came out about $150 in the hole on purchases, which ain’t bad, and got some bargains. The best part, however was getting to see the guys in the club once again. I look forward to next year, and seeing them again.

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