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Sometimes circumstances conspire to lead you in directions that you might not be ready to travel, but will eventually be a good move for you. For years, I have been saying I was going to shoot some YouTube videos, and never took the first step. I’m sure my friends and kids were tired of hearing me “plan” my Hollywood debut. Well, last night I took the plunge and christened the bluechipmachineshop channel.



A month or so ago, my trusty, aging Dell laptop took a dump. I didn’t use it much for work, so it wasn’t a major priority to replace it. I’m pretty computer illiterate so I tend to put off making decisions about new hardware purchases. Spare time to ponder a purchase of a new “toy” can be a dangerous thing; I started to consider my needs for editing videos, and decided to splurge on a Mac Book Air. I’ve had it for the better part of a week, and at long last posted my first video on YouTube.

You would think that there would be no stress talking to an inanimate object (video camera), but I have a new found respect for actors that do it for a living. I wasn’t expecting my first try to be as polished as some of the guys I watch regularly on YouTube, but just getting to the point where I wasn’t cringing when I viewed what I had shot took quite a few “rehearsals”.  Thank God for the editing program to edit out the more embarrassing moments. I don’t think Steven Spielberg has anything to worry about, but I am sure the next video will be better. The first 3 minute video took me the better part of a day to produce. The main thing was getting started, and I have learned alot about the process already.

While I have aspirations to produce videos that will rival Gone With The Wind, that may take a while. Right now my goal is to make one illustrating the PROPER way to lubricate the South Bend Lathe. That has been my main intent right from the start. I get alot of Emails asking me to explain this or that, and this seems to be a subject that would be better addressed in visual form, rather than in an Email. I have quite a few ideas for future videos, but that one will be (hopefully) the first.

Frankly, my first video is awkward and embarrassing, but they will hopefully get better, and have more content. I don’t think I’ll be laughing so hard at the lame YouTube videos posted by 9 year old kids anymore, after seeing what it takes to produce them


More later…………

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